California Redwood Coast Weather

Climate on the Redwood Coast

In general the temperature here usually ranges from the mid 50's to mid 60's year round.  A hot day is rare and we consider 70 - 75 degrees hot!

Variable as coastal weather always is, here is what you might expect for a typical day in these seasons:


It’s rarely hot on the Redwood Coast but it does get foggy. That’s why it’s such a good place for Redwoods. And, although the climate is fairly moderate, year round, you’ll want to dress in layers and bring a light jacket, even in the summer. Coastal fog can bring temperatures in the high 50s. Summer and fall are usually our dry seasons, but it does rain now and then even into the month of June.  July through September are our driest months.


Warm to cool, dry, sunny days are what we’ve come to expect in September and October. It’s one of the secrets of the area, that our best summer weather is a bit late. Calm oceans and low winds can make the fall ideal for kayaking and beach picnics. Whale watching can be great in the Fall months as the whales migrate South for the winter.  Nights can be in the low 50s.


Here on the North Coast, winter is not so bad! With the moderating influence of the ocean, daytime temperatures in the low 50s are not unusual. But bring your rain gear, because it is our rainy season. Winter storms can bring wind and colder temperatures, and you can enjoy them best in a cozy rental home. Light a fire, make some cocoa and watch the stormy show. Come enjoy crab season in the winter as both sport and commercial crabbing season gets into gear, if you rent a home with an ocean view you can watch the crabbing boats out at sea.


As the temperature warms, and the rain lightens, the wildflowers are all in bloom. It’s a wonderful time to walk in the redwood forests, or explore the tidepools at the lowest tides of the year.

Overall, temperatures are quite moderate and the areas between Arcata to Trinidad has one of the smallest ranges in the country. Inland just 10 miles, it can be quite a bit hotter, or cold and snowy as you climb into the coastal range.

Here on the North Coast we consider the mild weather a paradise. Most visitors seem to agree and come back again and again.